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Making Beautiful Wedding Music

  • Making Beautiful Wedding Music

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Sherri prides herself on her bands and the ways in which they can mix and match members to create the perfect band. She says that her bands are always "here for the Bride and Groom" and to help fulfill their vision for the wedding. Sherri gives us insight into how her bands can transform throughout the night from a 2 piece classical ceremony band to a 3 piece cocktail hour band to finally a 6 piece band of your choice for the reception to get the party hopping. One band can play all types of music and transition throughout the night into various genres. With extensive experience in the industry, Sherri provides the basics for what to look for in a band, how to decide between a band versus a DJ and even reveals a few band secrets for our listeners along the way.

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Sherri Axe

Manager and Booking Agent

The Teahouse Company



Since 1997, Sherri has worked in fashion and entertainment consulting and planning events, private parties and weddings. She has worked with companies such as In Style Magazine and GRB Entertainment, as well as being Donna Karan’s personal assistant. Her love of music and bringing people together led her to join Teahouse, managing and booking the 11 bands and solo performers within the company. She graduated from University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and is also a certified Yoga and meditation teacher, and a licensed massage therapist.