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Sonia Vaswani


am a Disney baby if there ever was one. True love and happily ever after’s. Bringing together my passion for art and design along with organization and planning; being a wedding planner is as close as I can come to being a fairy godmother. It is my purpose to create phenomenal events, bring your stress levels down and your visions to life.

To tell you a bit about myself… I come from a diligent home. My thriving persistence to be the best at what I do comes from the two most influential people I know. My mother, Ruth, and father, Irl, are both in the medical field. They taught me to choose a career I am passionate about, one that will make a difference. I grew up in Seattle. Since my parents traveled around the world for work, and I began my travels abroad with them at such a young age my own wanderlust blossomed quickly. Through my experiences abroad I have enjoyed learning about different lifestyles and cultures. This passion for understanding and appreciating other perceptions lead me to move on my own to a small town in Missouri. There I attended Columbia College and received a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a major in Management. During college I attended a study abroad program in Florence, Italy. This opportunity allowed me to advance my learning of ethnology. After graduating college I again packed up and made another move across country; to sunny Los Angeles, California!
I believe life is about doing things that make you happy and waking up with a purpose. My aspiration each morning I come to work is to discover and explore this remarkable industry in addition to sharing my knowledge to inspire others. When I am not at work I like to spend time outside, breathing in the fresh air, with my two pups, Charles and Remington.
Smile through rough times, be bold, live free, and always believe in the magic.

"I just wanted to say thank you!  The bar mitzvah last night was a HUGE success!  The day turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined. Karter set up my house beautifully.  She is a gem!  She handled everything perfectly and allowed me to enjoy the entire party.  She was on top of everything and made good choices and was super professional.The carnival booths were incredible - the kids had a ball (they didn't want to leave).  His staff were professional and sweet and kind.  The Tommy's truck was also a huge hit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


Mandi Richardson, October 2012