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Attentive, Curious, Discrete... This is Alberto! Wayne Talks with Alberto Sarrantonio - Destination Wedding Photographer

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Want to know why his clients love him? Here are just a few reasons.....

  • Alberto is personable and always makes his cuples feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Alberto is fluent in English and he has a great passion for his work.
  • Alberto has traveled extensively and has a deep respect for international cultures.
  • Alberto delivers what he promisses, he is responsive, dependable and works to please his clients.


It has been my great pleasure to meet Alberto and to understand the man behind the camera. He is kind, patient, easy to be around and loves to capture special moments to bring back those intimate memories well after the images have been taken. Listen and enjoy!

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Alberto Sarrantonio


Alberto Sarrantonio Wedding Photographer




Attentive, curious, discreet. This is me in three words. This is how I relate to you, the subjects of my photographs. I often hear people say they don’t look good in photos. That’s not true. All of us have our own inner beauty. My mission, and my biggest passion, as a photographer, is to find ways to let your inner beauty out, reveal itself and shine. Spontaneously. Joyfully. Endlessly.