Wedding Words of Wisdom

Marriage - What is Pleasant to Imagine Alone, Can Become Wonderful if Shared... Wayne talks with Elisa Puccioni from Galateo Ricevimenti

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"Many things that surprise and enchant can be felt before we actually enjoy them. Like the silence surrounding a poem, the  countryside behind a glass of wine, the fragrance of a woman. Things that have left their marks on our senses well before they have been percieved by our minds.An event is a rare thing. It can be created uaing elements that can enhance every part of it." 

These words , taken from The Galateo Recivimente web site ( are deep in meaning and show the thought that goes into everything that these talented professionals produce for the most enchanting and memorable moments in life.

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Elisa Puccioni

Galateo Ricevimenti

+39 055 44 76 066


After graduating with a degree in foreign languages from the University of Pisa, Elisa worked as a wedding planner for an agency based in Florence, Italy. After 10 years as a freelance planner, she realised her passion for certain aspects of the wedding.... the location selection, the reception organization, and menu selection and decided to devote herself to these areas as an expert. Obviously, having great knowledge as a planner allows Elisa to have a 360 degree view of the wedding and to be more flexible with cllients and agencies requests.