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Sandra Santoro from Getting Married In Italy, takes us on a sensorial journey in Italy!

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Have you had a vision of your dream destination wedding in your head?  It at some beautiful location deep in the heart of Tuscany... or is it in the most romantic city in the world... Florence?  If it is in Italy, Sandra SDantoro is the person that you need to be in touch with.  Her company... Getting married in Italy is the first company in Italy that specializes in Tuscan weddings... and there is so much more.  Listen to the podcast and hear how Sandra takes her clients from imagining to reality. 

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Sandra Santoro

Founder and Managing Director

Getting Married In Italy



Sandra Santoro, Founder and Creative Dorector of Getting Married In Italy, takes you and your guests through a sensorial journey to Italy and crafts unique experiences that will allow you and your guests to explore the destination through the five senses. Her vision is to fully understand your vision and to make it come to life using her extensive knowledge of her homeland, and her exclusive connections to the finest venues and her creative team of talented wedding professionals.  Sandra is a wonderful resource, is caring and profoundly sensitive to each of her clients needs.