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The Five Star Augustus Hotel & Resort

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The beautiful Augustus Hotel and Resort... dream that beach dream and it can happen here for your destinatiuon wedding!


On the Tuscan Coast, between the sea and the Apuan Alps, surrounded by gardens and lush pine forests, Forte Dei Marmi is synonymous with quiet and elegance. This is the ideal place to experience your destination wedding in Forte Dei Marmi, Combine your desire to have a beach wedding and your dream to stay in a charming villa in Tuscany. This is The Agustus Hotel and Resort! 

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Vittorio Maschietto


Augustus Hotel & Resort

+39 0584 787200


Mr. Vittorio Maschietto... the elegant, kind and welcoming owner (along with his two brothers) is really the anchor of this fine and beautiful hotel and resort. He is soft spoken and has a calmness about him that sets one at ease from the moment of arrival.  It was a joy to sit down and talk with Vittoirio and I should say a surprise also... as he turned one of my questions back on me to answer.  We had a great time talking about The Augustus Hotel and Resort... this beautiful place in Forte Dei Marmi! Listen in and let your mind and heart imagine the possibilities!