Wedding Words of Wisdom

Palazzo Castri - A sophisticated mix of the traditional and the modern! Wayne talks with Chiara Figini - Hotel Manager, to find out their secret to provide consistently exceptional experiences for their guests.

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A sense of calm in a beautiful and busy city.....  Some of the words used in reviews to describe Palazzo Castri are:  "Super Chic", "Well Appointed", and "Impeccabel"!

Re-opened in 2015, this gem is a new concept in hospitality in the center of Florence.... Listen to Chiara's description and enjoy.

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Chiara Figini

Hotel manager

Palazzo Castri 1874

+39 055 472118


Chiara Figini is a perfect reeprenentative as the Hotel Manager of The Palazzo Castri.  She is calm and kind, informative and friendly and definately interested in a high level of hospitality.  Her team works tirelessly to create a connection with their guests and is familiar with them even before the guests arrive. I would say that it is just like welcoming an old friend to their home...  Listen and enjoy.

Chiara's mission is to make guests feel welcome and relaxed and always taken care of.... it is certainly working well!