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Torre di Baratti - Bio Resort

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Torre di Baratti is a private Bio Resort where modern comfort meets a classic, elegant Italian Style.

Make no mistake... this Bio Resort has a rustic charm but the accommodations are world class! Designed by famed Architect Renzo Pucci, rooms and apartments are amazing in their own design... and in fact Mr. Pucci and Torre Di Baratti have been honored with an architectural award. Roberto and his team, desire to create and present authentic, local dishes using the finest and freshest ingredience... and deliscious. Chef Stefano Pinciaroli serves up the most unbelievable creations. 

Words do not suffice to say enough about everything that is Torre di Baratti.  One must arrive, stay, relax, celebrate life and get married at this stunning little piece of Tuscany! You may just want to stay forever.

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