Wedding Words of Wisdom
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    Relais Santa Croce - Luxury Italian Style has a very different ambience than what may be considered luxury elsewhere.....

    Guest: Marco DEL LAMA

    A Jewel in the crown of the Baglioni Hotels luxurious properties.... and... A hidden gem in the heart of Florence!


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    Aava means love... the French Riviera is all about love and romance

    Guest: Chloé Atlan

    The best way to describe the French Riviera is classic, elegant and chic, but also comfortable and relaxed. Aava, which means "love" in French, is the perfect name for this unique wedding planning company.  "More than a company, we are a family" says Chloé.   She has built great relationships and trust, and her joy and excitement about planning weddings and bringing that joy to her clients is evident in everything Chloé says. 

    Getting married in the French Riviera is surprisingly affordable. With an average American wedding budget, you can have a very beautiful wedding in the South of France.


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    The magic of Israel - perfect for a destination wedding or Mitzvah

    Guest: Joan Summerfield

    Learn from the expert wedding planner about what it takes to have an incredible wedding in Israel.  From how to get a marriage license to selecting the ideal spot, Joan guides couples of different religious backgrounds through the process, every step of the way. 


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    The Perfect Fit

    Guest: Elizabeth Rosbottom

    Elizabeth Rosbottom joins us from New York to talk about designing custom couture wedding dresses and gives us insights into all the details you need to know when buying your wedding dress. With an impressive background, Elizabeth talks about the intricacies of wedding dresses and what to take into consideration during the decision making process.  


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    Can I Have This Dance?

    Guest: Adam Kruger

    How do you pick the perfect DJ? It all comes down to three things: experience, personality and customer service. With over 15 years of experience, Adam knows all the ins and outs of what makes an event spectacular. Adam shares his insights on how to make the wedding night both fun and memorable for the bride and groom as well as their guests. Tune in for tips on selectin your perfect DJ and learn what it takes to make the event a success.


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    Ingredients of the perfect meal

    Guest: Chris Brugler

    What does it take to serve the perfect meal at a wedding?  Chris knows the ingredients well - it is training under world-class chefs, creativity developed by being a private chef and an unwavering focus on details and exceptional customer service.


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    The "how to" of a DIY wedding

    Guest: Kym Stelmachers

    Hear the latest trends, find out how to incorporate DIY projects into your wedding planning and most importantly, how to put a personal touch on your wedding.  There is an amazing supportive community available to help you along the way.


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    Physical Fitness for Your Wedding and Your Life

    Guest: Joshua Love

    Do you believe in yourself enough to commit to your health?  Making a commitment to wellness during your wedding planning process makes great sense.  Tips for staying healthy and fit from the founder of an innovative corporate wellness program and a newlywed himself, Joshua Love.


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    Up-up and away with Jihan Zencirli, Certified Balloonatic

    Guest: Jihan Zencirli

    Jihan creates enormous balloons with magical fancy frill adornments.  36” in diameter, these graceful giants are not your ordinary balloons.  Finding great joy in lifting people’s spirits, Jihan is working on an amazing project, 499 Balloons.  Learn more and find out how you can join the honorary balloon troopers.


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    Destination Weddings: Celebration + Vacation Add Up To One Unforgettable Experience

    Guest: Terri Altergott

    Destination weddings are gaining in popularity - 25% of weddings in 2010 being at a "destination", according to The Knot.  Destination weddings offer couples an invitation to have a truly unique wedding and a fantastic honeymoon experience.  Terri Altergott, an expert destination wedding planner, explains the possibilities and the affordability of destination weddings.


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    Cooking From The Heart

    Guest: Debbi Covington

    Preparing nurturing food with love is the essence of Southern cooking.  Debbi Covington, an accomplished caterer and author, suggests that a wedding reception is a huge thank you party for the friends and family that came out to support and celebrate with the bride and groom. 


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    The Art of Wedding Make-Up

    Guest: Bethany Colson

    Make-up offers something immediate - within one hour it can transform a woman.  Bethany Colson finds in make-up the ultimate creative expression, fearless and deeply emotional.


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    London Weddings: Romance and Elegance Not Just For Royals!

    Guest: Kim Rix

    Kim Rix is a London wedding planner specializing in luxury events.  Find out about the latest trends in England and get tips on how to create a unique wedding experience by incorporating culture, history and tradition into your destination wedding.  Kim shares insights about the protocol and the significance of the Royal Wedding and the drama that will take place on their wedding day.


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    Capturing The Memories with Shannon’s Photography

    Guest: Shannon Treglia

    Shannon describes what he does simply  -  “I photograph the most important day in a person’s life.”  In order to capture the memories with honesty and emotion, Shannon builds rapport with his clients and allows them to be themselves.  Preferring the photo-journalistic style, he seeks the ideal natural light and makes himself virtually invisible.


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    Rentals - Everything You Ever Wanted

    Guest: John Ferdenzi

    John Ferdenzi, Event Director at Town & Country Event Rentals, talks about how spaces are transformed into dream wedding locations.  Anything is possible – with 105,000 square foot showroom filled with high quality items and a crew that takes personal pride in serving their clients.

    Hear about the new trend of mixing styles and using fabric and lighting to create “elegant meets rustic” look.


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    Let the Music Begin

    Guest: Scott Soluk

    Scott Soluk brings his passion for music to each celebration. With well rounded experience from playing nightclubs, college and professional radio as well as social celebrations, Scott works the party with the intuition, knowledge and flexibility that only  a seasoned DJ has.

    Music played at weddings is getting edgier, more hip and contemporary.  With the help of advances in digital music,  Scott Soluk uses beat mixing, remixing and editing to create different and personalized sounds for his discerning clients.


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    Capturing the Memories... In Film

    Guest: David Robin

    Filmmaking is all about story telling, and Dave Robin tells stories that move his clients to tears because of the emotion and the magic that he captures on film. Dave Robin Films is a boutique company with talented filmmakers that create artistry through cinematography.  They use the latest technology that enables them to create films of unparalleled quality, while staying virtually invisible during the event.

    Find out about the latest trends in wedding filmmaking, such as same day editing, which Dave Robin uses to create mini-movies shown during the wedding reception to standing ovations.


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    How to Select A Wedding Planner

    Guest: Jen Balzer

    Jen Balzer, an event manager who has worked with Wolfgang Puck, Preston Bailey and managed events at Cicada Restaurant in LA and other remarkable venues  around the world, interviews Wayne Gurnick, event planner and owner of Moments by Wayne.  Learn the difference between wedding planner, wedding designer and wedding coordinator and get the behind the scenes look at what these wedding professionals do.


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    Wedding Venue - From Vision To Reality at the Luxe Hotels

    Guest: Judith Feldman

    Judith Feldman talks about turning wedding vision into reality at the chic boutique Luxe Hotels, where style, elegance and personalized service come together to deliver an exceptional experience.


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    Delivering Style To Your Space

    Guest: Sheree Bochenek

    Après is dedicated to providing rental product that is superior in both quality and design serving Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. Expert in setting up tenting, Après creates customized structures that stand up even in the most severe Minnesota winters.  Après is at the forefront of innovative trends, having made a large investment in lounge furniture and efficient means of transportation.  Check out the web site for images that will inspire your imagination.



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    No Old School Bouquets Here

    Guest: BJ Dyer AIFD, AAF, CPF

    BJ Dyer talks about wedding floral trends and the inspiration that helped him achieve the “Best of Weddings” designation by the The Knot Magazine.  Hear about how BJ incorporates architectural influences and magnets to create one of a kind designs uniquely reflective of his clients' personalities.


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    A Bride Gets What A Bride Wants - Kirstie Kelly goes "cost-couture"

    Guest: Kirstie Kelly

    Find out about the latest trends in bridal couture from the remarkable designer who loves to make women feel fabulous about themselves and look their best when they walk down the aisle or on the red carpet.


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    Glowing Beauty, Inner Peace and Vitality - Weddings and Rose

    Guest: Rose Cole

    A healer, author and successful businessperson, Rose Cole talks about the importance of finding balance during engagement and wedding planning.  Get surprising tips from the former model who transformed her own life through holistic living – how to have glowing skin, a twinkle in your eye and the general sense of health and well being in time for your wedding.


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    One Spectacular Beach Location - Two Unique Destinations

    Guest: Bruce Hochberger

    Shutters on the Beach, where nothing stands between you and beach and Casa Del Mar Hotel, the time has come to live well again...Each of these distinguished hotels has a Wedding Invitation for our listeners – hear about this unique offer.


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    A jewel of New Mexico, Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa is a "quiet and special place" and a unique setting for weddings and celebrations

    Guests: Darren Matsumoto, Jena Marquez

    Step into the award-winning Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa to experience a resort like none other. Voted “Best in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler in 2010 and one of the top in the United States and Canada by Travel + Leisure magazine, this unique resort reflects an attention to detail unlike any you’ve ever experienced.


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    Dancing With Your Feet Is One Thing, But Dancing With Your Heart Is Another

    Guest: Karina Smirnoff

    For the past seven years, Karina Smirnoff has made her mark on primetime television, as one of the professional dancers on ABC's top rated program, Dancing with the Stars.  Karina talks about how dance can transform your body and your life and give you poise and confidence on your wedding day and beyond.  Karina knows all about the stress of planning her own wedding and relies on her philosophy formed by years of discipline and dance to remember the important things in life and the reason for getting married.


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    Are you a "DIY" Bride?

    Guest: Khris Cochran

    DIY wedding projects are about self-expression and creative control, and not just saving money.  Get valuable tips for how to do things yourself the smart way, by learning from the pro, Khris Cochran, the founder of


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    Happy Newlyweds: Remembering their Wedding Planning and Celebrating Moments

    Guest: Jacqueline and Judah Weidre

    Newlywed advice from the field:  As Jacqueline and Judah, one of our MOMENTS couples, get ready to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary, they share their own wisdom and insights about planning for their wedding and their most treasured wedding day memories.


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    With this ring I thee wed

    Guest: David Dell'Aglio

    A 30 year jewelry industry veteran, David Dell'Aglio, Chief Operating Officer of Samuel's Jewelers, talks about everything that goes into the perfect engagement and wedding ring.   Legend has it that if you get your engagement ring from Samuel's Jewelers, you will be married for life.


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    From London with love...the Royal Wedding trends, tidbits and total surprises

    Guest: Kim Rix

    What a moment we just witnessed - grace, elegance and poise!  Sarah Burton from the house of Alexander McQueen certainly set the tone for the 21st century bride.


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